Novità & Eventi

Strategic partnership between Nissens Automotive and TitanX Engine Cooling


We are pleased to announce that Nissens Automotive has formed a strategic partnership with global supplier of commercial vehicle and transmission cooling systems, TitanX. The partnership is a strategic exclusive distribution co-operation between two renowned IAM brands. Klavs T. Pedersen, Managing Director in Nissens Automotive, says: “Through this co-operation, TitanX will gain access to Nissens Automotive’s comprehensive distribution network in Europe, Asia and the US, and we get access to new thermal technologies within the truck segment. In the future, technologies will quickly develop and change, and with the roll-out of new energy vehicles (NEVs), it is very important to be able to offer the latest technologies to the customers in the IAM, including e.g. thermal management of battery driven trucks”.

A.P. Moller Holding to acquire Nissens Cooling Solutions


We are pleased to announce that A.P. Moller Holding, the parent company of A.P Moller Group, has signed an agreement to acquire Nissens Cooling Solutions. Mikkel Krogslund Andersen, Group CEO of Nissens, states: “We look forward to Nissens Cooling Solutions becoming a part of the A.P. Moller Group. Nissens Cooling Solutions has a proud history and a promising future, since renewable energy and electrification continue to penetrate global market energy markets. Being part of the A.P. Moller Group with its heritage and long-term perspectives, will open up a new set of opportunities for Nissens Cooling Solutions”. After customary regulatory approvals, the transaction is expected to be fully formalized during the second half year of 2021.

Nissens Automotive introduces brand-new AC component: Thermal Expansion Valves


Looking for another product novelty from the leading system specialist within EC, AC, Efficiency & Emissions in the independent aftermarket? Nissens Automotive is pleased to present the launch of Thermal Expansion Valves for the AC system. In our growing range of AC components, including also AC compressors, condensers, receiver-dryers and evaporators, a thermal expansion valve is a key component with a major impact on the overall system performance. As always, we focus on quality, car park coverage, ease of service and testing. See much more in our virtual showroom

Yes! ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications obtained in NCS CZ


Nissens Cooling Solutions’ new factory in Olomouc, CZ, inaugurated in the spring of 2020, has just been awarded with an ISO9001 quality management certificate and an ISO14001 environmental certificate. We are very pleased about the development and professionalization driven by our dedicated and competent team of colleagues in CZ. From day 1, they have focused on the creation of a strong quality awareness that is rooted in documented, daily processes. Honoring our customers in the wind turbine industry and the industrial segments, they secure maximum operational reliability. Congratulations!

Nissens acquisirà una parte di AVA Cooling


Nissens è lieta di annunciare il piano di acquisizione di una selezione di filiali in AVA Cooling dal Gruppo Enterex International Limited. L'acquisizione comprende le società AVA in Benelux, CEE, Regno Unito e Danimarca. È in corso un dialogo sull'acquisizione di AVA Cooling in Francia, mentre AVA Cooling in Italia non è inclusa nell'acquisizione.

L'acquisizione è un elemento importante nell'ambito degli sforzi strategici per migliorare la posizione di Nissens come specialista leader dell'aftermarket automobilistico nelle categorie di prodotto Raffreddamento del motore (EC), Condizionamento dell'aria (AC) ed Efficienza & Emissioni (EE). Manterremo attivamente due linee di marchi separati sul mercato e potenzieremo sia il marchio AVA che il marchio Nissens. 

Unendo le nostre forze con AVA Cooling, continuiamo a rafforzare la nostra offerta di servizi ai principali attori globali dell'aftermarket indipendente.
​La transazione prevista è attualmente in attesa della formalizzazione del completamento definitivo.

Welcome to Nissens Automotive’s Virtual Showroom


Invitation for a great 360-degree experience! Nissens Automotive will soon open the online doors to an attractive Virtual Showroom, where passionate partners from the independent automotive aftermarket get easy access to updates and information about product novelties and line extensions from the dedicated aftermarket specialist within Engine Cooling, Climate Control and Efficiency & Emissions systems. A cornucopia of intriguing product news, component features and technology tips will be at your disposal. Make a visit to Nissens’ advanced Virtual Showroom. Psst, we open on November 23, 2020…

Customized cooling system for unique hybrid firefighting truck


Wow! Spectacular launch of a unique hybrid firefighting truck from the globally leading manufacturer of systems for firefighting and disaster protection. The hybrid firefighting truck is almost emission free and complies with the wishes of the firefighting crew focusing on maximum efficiency and reliability during operation. Nissens Cooling Solutions’ customized cooling system for the first hybrid firefighting truck in the world meets the demanding needs for a low-weight, compact cooling system thanks to the material efficiency of Nissens’ AluXstream coolers.

Nissens Automotive introduces new product group: Turbo Oil Feed Pipes


In need for reliable turbocharger lubrication? Nissens Automotive introduces our new product group, Turbo Oil Feed Pipes. We know the importance of proper lubrication for the performance and the trouble-free operation of the turbocharger. With our Turbo Oil Feed Pipe program, we wish to support our customers with a full-scale service and product selection enabling first-time-right installation and proper maintenance of the advanced turbo component. Again, Nissens Automotive expands our dedicated aftermarket specialist scope to provide our customers with additional one-stop shopping options.

Product Innovation: Full AluXsafe


A cocktail of experience, know-how and innovation positions Nissens Cooling Solutions as a preferred supplier to the global wind turbine industry. Take Full AluXsafe, a one-shot-brazed safety heat exchanger that builds on proven cooling technology from Nissens, and yet it offers the innovation needed to classify as the unique invention for transformer cooling in on- & offshore wind applications. Next generation wind turbines are ready to get Full AluXsafe installed thanks to reliability, efficiency and safety. Compliments to dedicated engineers worldwide, who take wind energy to the next level.

Large, Danish wind turbine suppliers join forces in new network 


Nissens Cooling Solutions is a proud member of the new Momentum Network, where Danish suppliers to wind turbine industry join forces to create innovative solutions for the green transition in the industry. The clear aim is to maintain the pole position of wind energy in the renewables energy segment. The Momentum network will engage in supporting the promotion of sustainability as well as cost-effectiveness of wind energy. With our co-members in the Momentum Network, Nissens Cooling Solutions is - as a pioneer in wind turbine industry - ready to take on the challenge.

Nissens Automotive introduces electric water pumps to range


Electric water pumps to the aftermarket: A brand new product group that includes both auxiliary and main water pumps. The range covers the most attractive items for the European car park and is manufactured in Nissens’ OE matching quality. Our electric water pumps are built with advanced features such as overheat protection and variable flow and with mounting brackets included when needed - all to give the aftermarket a ‘best in class’ solution. You can read more about our new product at, or by contacting your local Nissens representative now!